New Screencast: Sinan – Building Enterprise Erlang Applications

Sinan – Building Enterprise Application from Eric Merritt on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “New Screencast: Sinan – Building Enterprise Erlang Applications

  1. Douglas says:

    It would be useful to incorporate Sinan into Eclipse’s Erlide Plugin.
    Eclipse’s erlide plugin is becoming feature rich.

    The eclipse Window -> Preferences -> Erlang -> Sinan Home Path
    The eclipse New -> erlang project -> with Sinan

    There would be enough information to create a file
    with the user providing paths; the file would be well documented.

    Faxien could become the upload tool, cloud, server,

    create code from UML type worksheet

  2. douglasv says:

    the screen cast, “Building Enterprise Erlang Applications”:

    The console text is rendered to small to read,
    even with vimeo player in full screen mode.

  3. Thank you for review the Sinan.

    Could you give an .emacs config for this video? When I’m running `emacs ` inside the eshell-mode, emacs tells me that ‘Terminal type “dumb” is not powerful enough to run Emacs.’
    Also I’ve faced a problem running `erl` in eshell-mode: ‘Ctrl-G’ doesn’t work for me.

    I’ve understood only `_test()` unit tests. Some links to other types of tests would be helpful.

  4. Here is gist containing the relevant bits for the emacs function in eshell

    I am happy to give you more of my configuration, just realize that there is a lot of it and most of its not relavent.

    The cucumber support that sinan uses is from cucumberl ->

    and quickcheck/proper tests are implemented using PropEr ->

    Sinan also supports quiviqs quick check if you are using that

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